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  If you are an Apprentice Electrician or Adult Trainee and are on the SJIB Training Scheme then you can find answers to lots of frequently asked questions below. If you want to speak with someone in relation to your training or employment then contact either your SECTT Training Officer or Head Office on 0131 445 5659 and we’ll do our best to help you. If you’re wondering about your career after qualifying as an Electrician, then have a look at the careers section of this website.



What are the correct pay rates?

A. Current national rates of pay are available on the SJIB website

When does my pay go up to the next Stage?

A. There are four times in the calendar year when wage rates can go up. Typically if you have completed Stage 1, 2 or 3 in June then your wage will be increased in September. A minimum of 12 months are required in each stage of the apprenticeship. Upgrading dates are as follows:
  • March
  • June
  • September
  • December
Employers are notified by the SJIB when rates are to be increased.

I’m not getting the correct hourly rate, what can I do?

Firstly, speak to your employer about this, ask a polite question! “I don’t appear to have been paid the correct rate!” or “Can you tell me why my pay is different from the SJIB National Wage Rates?”  If you feel you cannot approach your employer, speak with your SECTT Training officer or contact the SJIB on 0131 445 9216.

How does College work?

A. Attendance at college is compulsory. Typical patterns of attendance are shown in the table below.

1. Apprentice Training Scheme
  August / September   May /
  College Work College Work College Work College Total
1st Stage 5
X weeks 4 weeks X weeks 4 Weeks X weeks 4 weeks 17 weeks


College Work College Work College Work College Work College Total
2nd Stage 2
X weeks 2 weeks X weeks 2 weeks X weeks 2 weeks X weeks 3 weeks 11
3rd Stage Work 1 week 1 week

2. Adult Training Scheme
May/June Total
1 week block release followed by 18 days release – Every 2nd Friday and 1 further week block release 28 Days
1 week block release followed by 18 days release – Every 2nd Friday and 1 further week block release 28 Days
  1 week 5 Days

I’ve lost my grade card, what can I do?

A. Contact the SJIB by phone 0131 445 9216 or by email, you’ll need your National Insurance number

How do I get my Approved Grade card?

A. If you’ve had an SJIB grade card as an Electrician for 2 years, then you can download the forms at Look under ‘How do I re-grade to an approved electrician’.

How do I update my ECS card?

A. Go to

I don’t think I get paid the correct wages for overtime!

A. The wages and conditions are set out in the Section B of the SJIB National Working rules .

I’ve lost my Training Officer’s telephone number, how do I contact him?

A. Please contact the office on 0131 445 5659 and we’ll be happy to supply you with the correct number.

Q. When’s my next college class?

A. Log in to your Moodle Site and get the dates and events for your class or group.

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